Why Our Thousands of Customers Choose Revamp Scotland…

Revamp was founded from the back of a house. Yes, that’s correct, the back of a house in a small tin hut by a professional Bathroom Installer, who has been around the industry for over 15 years to date, and now the managing director of Revamp.

He has fitted 1000s of kitchens before he founded Revamp with previous high street kitchen company’s through-out Scotland which built up his accurate eye to detail in the Kitchen industry and 100% professionalism. Over the years, he has gained valuable experience, always carrying a helpful, accurate, and professional attitude which has both inspired and reflected onto his staff.

The managing director has taken some big risks in order to bring Revamp to it’s valued customers. He stands by his saying “I only do what I know works”, which has reflected on the success of Revamp and their professional attitude.

He is proficient in making key decisions and communicating in all aspects of business. Starting of small, he was always successful in all jobs and installations. Keeping and making his customers happy was always a priority and as a result, Revamp was created to make even more customers happy.

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